4K Future-Proofing


Many current TV's are Full HD (FHD), which means they have a display made up of 1920 x 1080 pixels - around two million pixels if you're counting. That's probably what you have sat in your living room right now.

A 4K Ultra HD TV has a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, delivering around eight million pixels in total which is four times the resolution of FHD. 4K delivers a far sharper, detailed, true to life image, displaying a picture quality to that of what you see in the cinemas.






It's getting more and more common for laptops, computer monitors and TV's to display a resolution of 4K. And with streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix pushing 4K content, with many other outlets right around the corner, it won't be long until it won't be possible to buy a FHD TV anymore.

As of November 2016, I am now able to offer a wedding package upgrade to shoot and deliver wedding films in 4K UHD. This is for couples that already have 4K monitors, or couples that would like to future-proof their wedding film to ensure a picture format that stays up to date for many more years to come.

If you are one of these people, please mention it to me when getting in touch.

A Bird's Eye View


I can now provide drone photography and videography! This can provide such a unique point of view for your wedding video or photos during moments like your location shoot or to capture your ceremony or reception venues.

35mm Film



I have been shooting 35mm film far longer than digital photos. The art of film photography is what initially got me interested in the medium, and there hasn't been an opportunity since that I've missed bringing my film camera with me to shoot and develop a few rolls.






I've been looking to combine my love for film photography with my love for shooting weddings for a while. After a few months of budgeting and searching for a reliable supply of film stocks for the quantity of film needed to shoot a whole wedding day on the not so convenient format, I'm delighted to say I can now offer 35mm film wedding packages. Whether it be the addition of a few rolls of film to a digital photography package, or to shoot an entire wedding, I think this is a fantastic opportunity. There's nothing quite like the look of film.

Film photos will be scanned and delivered as digital photos are in full resolution at 300dpi. Developed rolls will also be delivered in physical form all catalogued and sleeved, and can be converted and printed in many different ways in the future. Many different film stocks can be used and I can provide examples of most.